Word Rotation

Talking Word Rotation Windows Version

The Windows version of Word Rotation was created several years ago. This "talking version" is available here. Play in several languages.

  • Word Lists: pick the group of words to use.
          Note: select "Thesaurus" lists when playing Classic Rotation if you will be using clues.
  • Quick Setting: a series of preset options based on difficulty.
  • Format: selects the size of the playing field.
  • Show Hidden: shows the letters that are on the backs of the tiles.
  • Remove Tiles: in Classic mode, tiles are removed when matched.
  • Show Splash: eliminates the initial "splash screen" in full version.
  • Animation: speed at which tiles are rotated when clicked (or no rotation).
  • Same Length: all words will be the same length and will be horizontal only.
  • Number of Rotations: indicates how many letters are on a tile.
  • Word Size: sets the maximum number of letters in a word.
  • Use Thesaurus: clues are definitions or synonyms.
  • Use Actual Words: the actual hidden words are shown as clues.
  • Extra Clues: length, direction, starting & ending letters are randomly shown.
  • Lock First: the first letters of all words are highlighted.
  • Individual Clues: the clue for the word appears as your mouse moves over the spaces for the word.
  • Length Clues Only: only the length of words in display.
  • Auto Lock: automatically highlights a matching word in Classic Rotation.
  • Locked Letters: a number of words will have their first letters highlighted.
  • FFA Marking: selects which key you will be pressing along with mouse movement to highlight your words in Free-For-All Mode.
  • Bonus: in FFA mode, you must find the bonus word to complete the puzzle.
  • Voice: activates the voice (speech) dialog.
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