Game Sponsorship - Branding Opportunities

Using our patent-pending technology you can make your product or service part of Word Rotation. You'll get more eyeballs on your site as players closely examine it, hunting for clues to solve the competitive daily puzzle.

Branding opportunities include:

  • visiting your site to search for clues
  • featuring products and services from your site in the game
  • tweets with clues directed at your site
  • links to your site on our leaderboard
  • optionally embedding a game on your own website.

The Cost?
Currently, we are offering free sponsorships with the only cost to you being that you offer a prize to the winner of the game you sponsor.

Contact us to learn more about how you can expand your brand or showcase your products using our unique processes.


Enter your website below and within a few seconds we'll automatically generate a game based on its contents. Such a game can then be sponsored for one day in the future, creating an interactive experience, with your products and services featured in the forefront.

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