Paper Version Syndication

Word Rotation on Paper is available for syndication in your newspaper. The paper version of Word Rotation is a unique word-finding game where players must uncover words hidden in a grid. Somewhat like word search, the only similarity is that there is a list of words to find. The difference is that there are multiple letters per square to sort through, giving an extra challenge to word search fans.

Players use their ingenuity to select the proper letters to make the target words. Each square has two or more letters, only one of which is used to form a word. Line up the letters to form mystery words.

Choose from pre-built or custom puzzles.

Download our 2011 selection of pre-built standard puzzles which include easy, medium and difficult levels.

In addition to standard puzzles, custom puzzles can be dynamically created with specific themes, using your own word lists for

  • upcoming special events
  • local history and knowledge
  • advertiser sponsorship
  • school projects
  • holidays and more.

Call us to order a year's worth of puzzles or for access to create custom puzzles for your newspaper.