Welcome to TelMasters Domain Showcase.

Share your .tel with the world.

The TelMasters Domain Showcase was created to bring together buyers and sellers of premium .tel domains in a neutral, .tel friendly environment. Our goal is to highlight premium.tel domains that meet or exceed certain inclusion criteria (listed below) and where potential .tel buyers, sellers and development partners will be able to communicate.

Inclusion Criteria

Only a select group of domains can be considered “premium”. Trying to identify premium domains is part common sense (short, memorable, generic, populated), part comparative science (traffic statistics, exact match to keywords and other metrics) and part “gut-feel” (God, I love that domain!). The weight assigned to each component varies widely from person to person and between analytic estimator tools.

While there are many places to list your .tel domains, only those domains that meet the inclusion criteria and are pre-approved by TelMasters will be considered for listing on TelMasters.com Showcase.

The Process

Once your .tel domain is approved and listed in the Domain Showcase, visitors that are interested will be provided with several options regarding your domain, as follows:

Once a visitor fills in the form, an email is sent to the domain owner with details on how to contact the inquirer.  The owner of the domain remains anonymous to visitors.

Please keep in mind that all options may not be available for all domains listed. Some domain owners may want to only lease their domain and not sell it outright. Others may not want to have any listings on their domains. TelMasters will provide the introductions, domain owners and interested parties shall determine if and how you want to do business.

Submit your domain

Disclaimer: TelMasters Showcase Domains is a listing service only. Should the parties wish to enter into any commercial arrangement that will be done by and between the parties. TelMasters shall not receive any compensation, commissions or fees in respect of any transaction between the parties, nor shall it be responsible for any escrow services, transfers and/or fees of any kind whatsoever. All TelMasters.com decisions are final.